BBC News – Microsoft fixes ‘big boobs’ coding gaffe

BBC News – Microsoft fixes ‘big boobs’ coding gaffe.

A lesson learnt for MS and one for everyone developing a website with an external developer…also one that I have learned from the hard way.

TIP: Make sure that when contracting 3rd party developers, you include legal clauses in your contract that enforces liability on the developers /agency for “non-required code” in the development.

Web developers have a great tendency to leave a “signature” of some sort in their code to identify their work…. sometimes it back-fires, just like the “big boobs”  case with MS.

Recommended also, that you do a complete source code analysis prior to accepting a development, either through internal resource or an independent 3rd party.

Most agencies will look at you like an alien when requesting this clause in a contract, but be sure to cover yourself legally… once a site goes live, it is very difficult to point fingers!


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