How to be an inspirational leader?


FUN_IF-IT'S-NOT-FUN-WHY-DO-ITI came across this post from (Linkedin) John Murphy, a contact from the Irish Business Network in the UAE. The line that strikes most significantly from the piece is: ” Steve Jobs did not do it for the money, nor did Herb Kelleher or Richard Branson or my own Michael O’Leary – they had, and still have, a clear why! The fact that money came afterwards is a consequence of their dream”. 

This principle also works well for those who work in large organisations, and not solely for the entrepreneur. There is nothing worse than “clock watchers”, “card punchers”, “social loafing” and of course poor leadership in large organisations that impact or degrade on divisional / functional departments or individuals motivation for being amazing. By this I mean the more driven individuals / departments that move at a different pace than the rest of the organisation, who’s energy is self-fulfilling, driven by the passion of the individuals and the team for personal, professional, team, customer, organisational and brand success. You know the companies where this is most evident, many are tech based, many are in the top 10 firms globally to be part of (link note: many other versions of this exist)  In all of them, the “Why” is a culture.

I have never taken a role solely because of the money. Sure, it is a consideration ( an important one), but more of a consideration is the “why”. Why do I enjoy getting up every morning? Why do I revel in the challenges? Why do I get frustrated and annoyed by social loafing? Why do I get excited about the next opportunity that I can be part of? Why do I despise selfishness and leadership approaches that detract from the spirit of the organisation? Why do I challenge passionately? Why do I feel safe to do so? Why is it time to adapt or change? Why? Why? Why!

I think it is a personal passion that drives us all to be great… money is not a strong enough driver. “The My Why” needs to be bigger, the dream which you work to fulfill… and you then need to find the organisations that recognises and rewards you effectively.

See the John Murphy original post here


The Adobe Slap & BS Detector

Two great videos from @adobe…

The First one… The Adobe Marketing Buzzword BS Detector…

Second… The Adobe Slap…

Both very funny, both with a key point to make. Both setting the challenge to make it real!

Tide 2013 Superbowl Commercial – Courtesy @washingtonpost, @tide


“Tide: It probably wasn’t a favorite commercial in San Francisco, but it played well elsewhere. A 49ers fan finds a miracle Joe Montana stain on his jersey, and considers it to be a religious experience and good omen for the game… until his wife, a Ravens fan, uses Tide to wash it. It was perfect for the Super Bowl, with a tone that was, er, spot-on”.

Budweiser 2013 Superbowl Commercial. Courtesy @Washingtonpost, @Budweiser


“Budweiser: Not everyone will agree. But this heartwarming commercial about a man who reunites with the Budweiser Clydesdale he raised from infancy tugged at the heartstrings of viewers. Many Twitter users said it brought tears to their eyes. It goes to show that dogs aren’t man’s only best friends”.

Best Buy 2013 SuperBowl Commercial – Courtesy of @washingtonpost, @bestbuy


“Best Buy: Amy Poehler, shopping for electronics, has many questions for a helpful young Best Buy employee. Questions like, “What’s LTE, is it contagious?” “Can I use a dongle with this?” “Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word dongle?” Amy Poehler is a goddess. P.S.: The definition of “dongle,” in case you were wondering”.

Samsung SuperBowl 2013 Video – Courtesy of @Washingtonpost


“Samsung: Funnymen Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are both called in to Samsung HQ for a meeting about their “Next Big Thing” ads — but they’re battling each other over who truly deserves the gig. Rudd gets some of the best lines against Rogen: “I’ve never seen you so excited about something that isn’t food.” “Are you sure you aren’t here to see a guy named Sam Sung?” But then the commercial takes another meta turn, skewering the other commercials that have come before it, as Rudd and Rogen pitch ideas: Talking babies (E-trade), Asian rappers (Wonderful Pistachios) and sending a guy into the galaxy (Axe). Other cameos include Bob Odenkirk and LeBron James”.

The Taco Bell Superbowl 2013 Commercial


The Taco Bell Superbowl 2013 Commercial – Voted Number 1 by @washingtonpost :

“Taco Bell: When some octogenarians bust out of their retirement home, they get into all kinds of teenage trouble: Regrettable tattoos, public displays of affection, breaking and entering, pyrotechnics, and finally, some late night Taco Bell. The directors found some great character actors — especially that guy who presses his nipple against the restaurant window — and a cool Spanish rendition of “We Are Young,” by the band fun”.