About digitalArabia

Okay, so I have been promising myself for a very long time to get thoughts on the digital blotting paper. Finally, after a very busy five years I have taken the initiative to fulfil my own promise and get my thoughts, opinions, ideas into the public domain and encourage criticism, conversation, idea generation or simply a bit of interest.

Why DigitalArabia?

There are many reasons, but these are the key objectives behind digitialarabia.

  1. This is a business blog. It is aimed at business leaders to encourage them to provide  quality digital service to their customers.
  2. By providing a higher quality / more transparent service, customers have greater empowerment and hold businesses accountable to promises
  3. By being held accountable to promises, businesses are ultimately going to provide a better service
  4. The Middle East becomes a service excellence centre.
Why now?

I believe that the Middle East has reached the tipping point of digital communications and businesses, that are still very traditionally focussed need to adapt, rapidly to the new service demands.

On a personal note, I am a digital enthusiast in professional and personal life. I have lived in the Middle East for 5 years, I have a passion for the people, the places, the culture, the history, the determination, the chaos and everything else that makes me feel like I have found a second home. شكرا لكم أصدقائي وزملائي

I am the head of Digital Strategy for a major luxury hospitality brand that has a significant brand awareness and reach. I understand the difference that digital makes to customer service and to all sizes of organisations. I understand the challenges that businesses face in understanding what digital strategy is, even before considering implementing an investment plan.

Who would find this blog of interest?

This blog may be of interest to:

  1. Businesses operating or wishing to operate in the Middle East
  2. Business leaders of various sized organisations (the principles are the same, the scaling changes)
  3. Interested technocrats
  4. Academics or enthusiasts
  5. Practising professionals

Feedback is always welcome, no matter how big, small, critical or complimentary it may be.

The legal jargon: The views, thoughts and opinions in digitalarabia are the views, thoughts and opinions of Terry Kane only. However, feel free to share these thoughts, views and opinions if you feel they are of any use…



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