In line with the data theme of the previous post, I came across the below from a good friend and previous colleague, Kevin Coleman. Kevin, along with Apo Demirtas have created a company that provides Big Data solutions, making it easy for hospitality companies maximise their data potential without the technical know-how in-house. Kevin’s post looks at the pro’s and cons of build or buy to data management. Enjoy!

By Kevin Coleman, Partner & COO of Intelligent Hospitality:

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 8.21.39 PMAs business intelligence begins to permeate the hospitality sector, one thing is certain: You can take a “buy” approach, implementing a BI module from a hotel systems provider (for instance, as part of your PMS, CRS or Sales & Catering system) or from a third-party solutions provider.  You can take a “build” approach, securing the funding and setting out with your IT team to implement something from scratch.  In either case, the certainty is that hotel business intelligence begins with data.  Data are the lifeblood of the hotel reporting, analytics and dashboards that are the output of any such BI initiative.  And while high-quality data (complete, accurate and uniform) won’t alone ensure the success of your hotel BI initiative, low-quality data (full of holes, errors and inconsistencies) will certainly ensure the failure of your initiative if not addressed

To read the full article on Business Intelligence, check out: Business Intelligence Begins with Data; Data Management Begins with BI


A Data Scientist’s Real Job

Great HBR post and case study on the role of data scientists today and some key tips into implementing into your current organisation without #analaysisparalysis

EnjoyA Data Scientist’s Real Job: Storytelling – Jeff Bladt and Bob Filbin – Harvard Business Review.